I know that a LOT of times that management is SO obsessed with the running part of the leadoff man's game

I know that a LOT of times that management is SO obsessed with the running part of the leadoff man's game that they kinda forget that you can't steal first (Tom replica Raymond Weil 4878-STC-00268 Men's watch Goodwin, say…) just as stats guys are too obsessed with the absolute numbers of outs made by the leadoff man (Juan Pierre.) I think they tend to compare total numbers of outs made by all players, forgetting that leadoff men usually have the most ABs and they shouldn't compare leadoff men to, say 3 or 4 hitters, who have a different job.

You can’t get by throwing just a FB unless it is an unhittable one, like Mo Rivera.And even HE has blown 2 really really crucial games in the post season that cost his team the Prize.Seems that Brad has been working on giving up velocity in favor of location, which I will go for location beats velocity every time.Fans think that a closer should swagger out there like Billy Wags and strike out all 3 guys every time on 98 MPH FB.Seriously. replica A Lange & Sohne 110.030 Men's watch Good thing Brian Fuentes isn’t our closer yeah, sarcasm.Fans think that Phil had no right to tell Lidge before the season began that he was The Closer and that somehow, that that would give Lidge the “confidence” they say he lacks.Good grief.

Check the hitting and fielding stats of Chris Burke this ST before and after he was informed that he would, no argument about it, be the starting center fielder.But I can’t really argue with Phil for pulling Lidge that fast (IF it was even his decision, which replica A Lange & Sohne 115.029 Men's watch I don’t know) because of the luck factor.Yes, the luck factor.AKA superstition.A lot of times a manger has to “do SOMEthing” if the team gets itself down because of a losing streak.

Answer because people who know how to evaluate a pitcher’s stuff

Answer because people who know how to evaluate a pitcher’s stuff, including Brad Ausmus, MUST have thought that Lidge’s troubles are JUST mechanical, that he was actually fine and not injured, that he did NOT have “confidence” problems or need psych meds and that he was worth spending the 5 mill on.Here’s what Ausmus told replica A Lange & Sohne 115.021 Men's watch radio:(click on the radio link I can’t directly post the audio link)IF the problem is that hitters can easily identify the slider, then yes, that IS a serious problem, as Brad has not been able to develop new pitches.

I'm just NOT used to this rallying and coming from behind to, you know, like WIN.Last year, the Astros did it, I think, twice, and in 08, 3 times and this is all YEAR.I mean, the Astros are FINALLY playing exciting baseball and I no longer feel even slightly tempted to listen to Husband who always want to turn off the game the replica Longines L5. watch minute the oposition takes the lead.It really was an exciting game.Looked to me as if the ballpark was slightly more occupied tonight I know the announced attendance is 2000 fewer people, but judging by bods in seats, there seemed to be more folks.

Your question, of course, is, if Biggio is not in the starting lineup, who will lead off? Well, a lead-off person should have a decent OBP (at LEAST .350) with a decent walk rate, so that OBP is NOT the same as BA and not be so slow (Jeremy Giambi, that is) that he is at risk of being thrown out in a lot of DPs.It would be REAL nice if he can steal bases, like at least 15 20 a year, with a success rate of at least 75% replica Raymond Weil 4878-ST-00668 Men's watch it would also help if he can hit if bases are NOT empty.These days, people are WAY too obsessed with HR, but the job of the leadoff man is NOT to hit HRs, it is to get on base and score runs, so personally I don't care if he hits ONLY singles or walks as long as he is a good base runner and has a high OBP.

SOME team would have traded for him for even for the low A filler crap fans don’t think

Don’t kid yourselves, SOME team would have traded for him for even for the low A filler crap fans don’t think he’s worth.In 2006, Lidge had 32 saves in 38 chances, he is NOT hurt, he can throw a FB 96-97 MPH and trust me, there are replica A Lange & Sohne 315.032 Men's watch of teams who would take that in a second.Even if a whole lot of Astros fans think he is worth exactly zero, or that we would have to actually release him (and pay the rest of his salary) because no one would either trade for him or grab him offn waivers.So WHY was Lidge kept?

Opening Day for MLB begins tonight with the Yankees Red Sox at Yankee stadium.(WHY do I think that if ESPN HQ was here in, say Austin, we would have a LOT less Red Sox Yanks and a LOT more Rangers and Astros?) Interesting that the game is on replica Raymond Weil 2310.STG00808 Men's watch and GIRLS basketball is on the main ESPN.Can you believe that female athletes (wearing lots of clothes and not exactly looking like strippers) are on the main channel instead of Sox Yanks…..But anyway, OUR Opening Day is a little more than 48 hours away.And at this time, Phil Garner STILL has not finished the 25 man roster or given the Opening Day lineup.

Yesterday, on the Astros preview on Fox, Craig Biggio was labeled a “utility” guy.Very Interesting did they hear something privately and decide to keep it to themselves? Will Biggio or Burke start at second? Biggio has only played one game (part of it) in the OF this spring, so I kinda doubt that he will be starting out there.Which is a replica Raymond Weil 2710-ST-20001 Men's watch plan.Chris Burke has out-hit Biggio this spring .347 BA with 11 RBIs, 17 49 with a double, a triple and 2 HR .531 SLG% and is 3 fer 4 in SB while Biggio has a .292 BA (.354 SLG%) with 3 doubles, NO HR or SB.(sorry, I have no data on fielding, but I have SEEN Biggio field in a few games this spring and it isn't pretty…)

I'am hoping that the lineup looks like this just so Biggio can have his last Opening Day start

I'am hoping that the lineup looks like this just so Biggio can have his last Opening Day start and that Burke will be starting after that…1 Adam Everett, SS2 Craig Biggio, 2B3 Jeff Bagwell, 1B4 Morgan Ensberg, 3B5 Luke Scott, LF6 Jason Lane, RF7 Brad Ausmus, C8 Willy Taveras, CF9 Roy Oswalt, PHere's the 40 man roster remember that the 25 man has NO 5 starter named… PITCHERS B T HT WT Birthday Country Exp. replica Raymond Weil 8500-ST-05207 Men's watch Birthday Country Exp. 99- note that 9 25 guys on the 25 man were drafted by the Stros.Scott and Taveras, of course, are the guys we got from the Indians for Jeriome Robertson and I LUV having rookies to root for.

Jason Lane, of course, isn't really a rookie, but it's high time he was startin and I'm gonna be screamin for him, too.When Chris Burke fights his way onto the starting lineup, we'll have 4 new guys.Yeah, I know all about the Proven Veterans (TM) but I still like to root for the new guy.ESPECIALLY when I know we not gonna win anyway.Disabled ListNo.NAME B T HT WT Birthday Country Exp.Drafted17 Lance Berkman (RF) replica Raymond Weil 2836-P-00807 Men's watch so when Lance comes back, who gonna sit?In The MinorsNo.NAME B T HT WT Birthday Country Exp.Drafted- Josh Anderson (CF) L R 6-2 195

Clank left a man at first.Quintero GIDP.uck Well, good thing is that the Pirates, who got slaughtered by the Crew 20-0 today, are coming in and Roy will be facing lefty Paul?Maholm.I don't guess we are gonna score any 20 runs, but a W would be nice.And I certainly hope that Mills doesn't sit Bourn, the best hitter on the replica Longines L2.684.4.16.3 Men's watch team, for Cory Sullivan.He should try sitting Clank for him it wouold make more sense, seeing as how they are hitting as well as each other and Sully can actually like, you know, catch and throw the gosh darn baseball, even if he can't hit it.And oh yeah, Alberto Arias, who was so good in the pen last year, is having season ending rotator cuff (shoulder) surgery and most guys don't come back from that.Too bad, he looked as if he was going to be good for a long time…


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